How to Defeat Argus

Argus is a person and also the planet! He’s also Red in mythic but blue in the other raid difficulties. Made this joke when I was raiding with my guild and we talked about how titans are also planets. Thought about how you could probably “destroy” the planet and thus defeat Argus.
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Failure Detected

We use Failure Detection Pylons in our raids. If you’ve never used one before, you should! You put it down and it resurrects players within a small proximity. It’s really great if you want to resurrect everyone at once without the walk back. Think of it as another way to mass resurrect everyone conveniently if you can’t throw a battle rez on another player so he/she can resurrect the whole raid in one go. It can also be used in Mythic keys but watch out for affixes like quaking! You came back with only 1 health if you take a rez from a pylon.

Sometimes, when we put down enough pylons, I feel like the pylons are making fun of us.

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We could not get past the dark phase at all! It took us two weeks later to get past it with the hunter and druid utility. We were lost and always panicking at the beginning. Illidan making us look for him and giving us a debuff when we were able to gain sight from him pushed me into making this comic.
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