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Nethershard Lottery

This comic was about the nethershard vendors on the broken shore. One that cost 500 and “dispensed” a dauntless item and a 5000 one for an 880 relinquished item. The whole process reminded me of a Gachapon machine where you put your coins in and gambled for something nice. Many players used the nethershard vendors as a way to get their BIS item, especially an “Arcanocrystal” I thought several of the things you can be given from the vendor were funny like the squirrel trinket. Streamers would also farm a lot of nethershards and put them all in at once so their viewers can watch what they will receive on the stream. It reminded me of going to an arcade and there would be people there with buckets and buckets of coins or tickets so I drew characters with a wheelbarrow of nethershards.
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