Rejection of the Gift

My first long comic about the new cinematic “Rejection of the Gift.” I originally wanted to start off with 2 or 3 comics but I had a lot of fun making and adding more ideas that it became 8! It’s also been a while since I posted so I wanted to work hard on a long one to challenge myself and try something new.

I had to make a comic after the cinematic with Xe’ra. I personified Xe’ra and made her into a cute little character because I thought it would be cool to add that element! The shapes and curves of her “wind chime” or “snowflake” like naaru appearance could be translated to it’s own character with the angel wings and the halo circle. I also drew and added new characters here like Alleria Windrunner and Turalyon. Malfurion and Tyrande are also in the comic in an Illidan Flashback. There was a warcraft scene where Illidan finds Gul’dan’s skull and gains his darker and stronger form with wings. I know that Illidan destroyed many pieces of Xe’ra but I couldn’t help making a small gag where they had to piece it back together like a puzzle. Towards the end of the Comic, Turalyon gives up trying to piece them back together.

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We could not get past the dark phase at all! It took us two weeks later to get past it with the hunter and druid utility. We were lost and always panicking at the beginning. Illidan making us look for him and giving us a debuff when we were able to gain sight from him pushed me into making this comic.
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Illidan’s Back


This comic idea was inspired by player’s posts about how Malfurion and Tyrande hasn’t interacted with Illidan since he came back! This is the comic where I first drew characters from the lore outside of my regular stick figures. I was really worried about people not liking the style but I’m really glad I drew them the way I wanted to! 🙂
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